New Orleans Wedding ✨

Lindsay & Abraham

When Lindsay originally reached out to me, she was recommended to me by a cousin of mine! She told me she was getting married in Illinois and was hoping I could travel there to photograph her wedding.

A few months later her wedding plans had changed and she wanted to get married in New Orleans surrounded by only her closest family and friends. When she asked if I was okay with the switch up, I did not hesitate to say "I'M IN"!!!!

The venue Lindsay & Abraham chose, Race & Religious of New Orleans, was truly breathtaking! This venue was new to me, but was SO perfect. I mean... a photographers dream come true. So much history, SO much CHARACTER! The staff was truly delightful and was there to make the time we spent at the venue magical.

Speaking of vendors...I have to applaud Lindsay's full team, including her hair and makeup team, who were the type of girls that as soon as they walked in the room, you thought...I would be friends with these two in real life! So relatable, so fun, so professional....everything you want on your wedding day. Check them out on Insta! (tagged below).

The best part about this wedding, was that the day was truly about love. They didn't need a huge crowd...they didn't need a cake and huge flower arrangements. Their parents, kids, and a few other family members were the only ones that they needed there to witness them making it official. I got to know most of the people fairly well by the time I was done shooting.. It truly felt like I was a part of the family by the end of the night.

ANYWAYS. I love this wedding. Check out the vendor team below and some of my favorite photos! 💕✨

Venue: Race & Religious

Makeup: @hopejoanbeauty

Hair: @Demiriordan

Flowers: Destiny Pinson of Doris Lone

Officiant: @Letselopeneworleans

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